Montag, 27. September 2010

Foreigner in Berlin

Almost two years ago I moved to Berlin. In 2006, I spent here my first week in Germany ever, visiting my friends and extensively exploring the cultural life from both parts of the city. It was not exactly what you call a blast: I was simply curious, all eyes and ears. And, probably, this high potential of challenging my curiosity, not fully explored during my first visit, weighted in my decision to choose rather Berlin than other German city.  

The relocation process was smooth, too smooth to remember easily that at the beginning I had in mind only a trial period of six months. Little by little, without acknowledging too much, I've get used with the places, the people, feeling less tourist and more at easy with the idea of living in Germany for longer. Or, at least, of having here my headquarters of my wanderings in the world. 

And Berlin kept me so busy that I was not very much aware of the need to share my experiences. Too busy with my own discoveries for being keen to share my experiences to the unknown virtual audience. But while editing some photos and thinking more and more seriously about my long-term future in Berlin, and a couple of inspiring discussions about writing, my writing, and writing about me here, I followed - as usual - my stormy inspiration and set up this blog in less than 10 minutes - the books' background was chosen without thinking too much as books are intimately part of my life. Sharing the words of my experiences about me and Berlin, the people and the places.

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