Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Foodie Berlin: Nea Knosso

I am rarely eating Greek food, but given my love for cheese, once in a while I feel the need to have the delicious experience of the special milk-based products from this country. Greece's culinary diversity made it for a long food story in itself with each area sharing a specific menu. Thus, the curious foodie can taste more regions at once, just on one big plate. A couple of days ago, I set for a Cretan cuisine meal, at the Nea Knosso restaurant in the Western part of Berlin, on Güntzelstraße 48. It is very close from Spichernstrasse U-Bahn or around 15 minutes of walking from Fehrbelliner Platz U-Bahn. 
I arrived at the lunch time, and the tables covered by the Greek classical squared-black and white- patterned table covers were ready for customers. The menu was brought fast and so was the meal. Only taking a decision was not easy, with so many offers of souvlakis, halvas, honey Greek yoghurt or gyros. I decided a classical plate Feta Fournou, with goat cheese, tomatoes, olives, pepperoni, with some healthy drops of classical Cretan olive oil. A heavy combination, maybe a bit salty too, but the vegetables and the olive oil succeeded to cut shortly the over-saturation of the cheese. 
The ambiance was pleasant, a classical Greek quietness and relaxation, and very low sound Greek disco music.
In order to keep the visitor's brain entertained, napkins with basic Greek words translated into German were brought. As a did some Modern Greek classes back in my university years, it was nice to remember some words and think that maybe when will have more time will try to start learning the language again. 
The interior design is of a classical Greek taverna, with lots of classical landscape paintings on the wall, not all of them the perfect classical taste, but colourful enough to make you feel the easy going life. The prices are acceptable, with regular lunch offers.
The rich menu and the many interesting local Cretan meals are definitely call me back soon, and who knows, maybe I will finally be able to come back soon to Greece for a serious country exploration. 

Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Interior design inspiration in Berlin: Paris Home

When it comes to interior design and other chic suggestions, many would prefer to head direction East Berlin. Which is an obvious choice: you need only to have a look around to realize that you are in the middle of a creative hub and the way in which people dress or talk is the proof. However, in the quiet West Berlin, most specifically on Pariserstrasse 14, close to Spichernstrasse U-Bahn and around 15 minutes away from Ku'damm, there is a little boutique: Paris Home. First, I was thinking it must be an exquisite boutique selling various interior design items. But, once I went on the other side of the door - you should push a button in order to be opened and invited in - I realized that I was wrong.
Inside, there are a couple of samples of decorations, plus many leaflets and catalogues with suggestions about the right style that suits your newly purchased condo or apartment in Berlin. Once entered on the other side of the wall, in the cosy yet working ambiance of the office, I was shortly introduced to what the Paris Home is doing: delivering high-end design solutions to customers, that starts from the choice of materials and wall colours till the interior decorations and all the special details. With a list of customers busy with their daily businesses, the office works both as a interior design shop and as a consulting company. 
With experience on the British, especially London, as well as Italian and French market, the Paris Home is an interesting service offered to a relatively quiet and almost secret category of customers: the middle to upper class Berliners, disposing of a significant amount of money, investing in real estate and ready to make their homes classical temples of European good taste. 
As for me, it was just an interesting experience to discover some new category of services in the city. 

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Street art in Friedrichshain: Urban Spree

I am visiting the bubbling Friedrichshain maybe twice or three times the year, unless some unexpected parties or events are calling me for some special entertainment. Every time I pass by Warschauerstrasse S-Bahn Station I noticed the interesting street art and promised myself several times to stop there and have a look. An alternative center of urban culture, with mobile street food counters and spontaneous fairs and DIY workshops, the Urban Spree is one of the many colourful spots that make this city so diverse and always on the move. Here are some snapshots of a couple of hours spent there. 

 Some branded buckets with fire to warm you up while outside.
This is by far, the most interesting work of street art I ever seen. Looks in-between a realistic painting and a photography.

A playground for the alternative children growing up in Friedrichshain.