Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

Art Forum Berlin

As scheduled, I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the Art Forum Berlin. Lots of people, with or without kids, relaxed gallerists - in comparison with the last year, when many of them were a bit disapponted by the negative effects of the economic crisis on their businesses. Some of the galleries - from the US, Italy, Austria, France, Hungary (the new entry this time, I think), the Netherlands - were present this year too, but I was feeling a different wave of optimism. And, in comparison with the last year, I've heard more people asking about prices and artists. Even, in my opinion, some of the prices were impressively high - 13.000 EUR. for a big nature photography, pretty normal, with some trees and some green grass around. A matter of taste, of course.

The price of the ticket, during the day was of 18 EUR., the normal price, but I think it was worthy, as I gathered several free arts magazines, all together making more than 20 EUR. Good food for thought for getting more insights about the new and old trends in the contemporary arts. 

What I liked about this edition? A lot of interesting photographies and video installations, some of them, as I've heard later on, hunted for the new generation of collectors, including for private use, as part of their home designs. It was about time for this too, isn't it?

What I didn't? The contemporary trends of focusing more on the innovative use of various materials and settings than on representation of figurative images. I don't have nothing against the abstract and post-modern art, but I believe that there are still lots of imagistic opportunities to explore and recompose the fragments of reality into coherent images. 

Here, a couple of fragments from some artistic corners I discovered:

I am already curious about the next year fair!

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