Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Faber-Castell turns 250

When as a small and curious child, I had first in the front of my eyes a Faber-Castell "suitcase" - the big brown wooded box with dozen of pencils apparently directly landing from the paradise of colours - I started to make drawings hoping that one day I will be famous enough to have at least a small-size box of pencils. Years later, I was in the front of a hobby store and after starring lost in my thoughts for a good couple of minutes, I made the promise to return to my drawing hobby and bought a couple of Faber-Castell medium-sized boxes. What happened after and at what extent I carefully kept my promise, it's another story that doesn't necessarily have to do with my travel stories - in Berlin and elsewhere. But yesterday, while I was doing intensive photo-sessions on Ku'damm, I entered the famous KDW - maybe the second time in my Berlin life - and...from the entrance, like in the case of Proust's Madeleine, I was overwhelmed by memories and forgotten plans and a bitter taste of the lost childhood. An exhibition celebrating the 250st anniversary of Faber-Castell is set and is inviting the busy visitors of the KDW to give at least a drop of colour to their dreams.

If you'll visit KDW those days, don't hesitate to stop by and if you have children, bring them with you. I bet they will be delighted.

I will never ever have enough of looking at these boxes. Never. Although I have a couple of them home...

It's a matter of class and style, and quality and high-class...

I liked a lot the design of the exhibition, in line with what, for me, means, Faber-Castell's style:

Very nice and patient customer service....And many people intereste to find out more about the products and to buy and to try the colourful wonderbox

A very colourful and lively corner was created for children:

And this is the book written on the occasion of the anniversary, I would be interested to have a careful look to:

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