Freitag, 29. April 2011

The foreigner in Berlin

While preparing several posts and articles about Berlin, I tried lately to draw the portrait of the usual tourist visiting Berlin. Including those deciding finally to start an expat life here. The audience you are writing for it's always very important, not only for creating successful basic products, but also for increasing your readership. Sounds very materialistic, but this is the reality.

The element of the portrait I identified by now are:
- age: 20-40 age, educated, exposed to cultural influences
- creative, interested in new things and alternative cultures
- middle-class, moderate income
- curious to explore unknown parts of the city
- previously informed about the city, its history and opportunities
- more interested to discover new and unique things about the city, than to be told over and over again the history of the WWII and Cold War. They know it already.
- the minimum stay is of three days. the maximum: the rest of the life
- traveller by passion, with a multicultural background and exposure
- English-speaking
- if a family with kids, they are traveling together
- Berlin is most likely their first and only window to Germany (hence, high risks of misunderstanding)
- open to know new people

Did I forget something?
Any other suggestions?

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Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Roter Salon

I discovered this place during one of my many literary lectures from the last weeks. It was a discovery, as when I bought the tickets from Volksbühne, I didn't have any idea that I will be directed to a place a couple of seconds distance, very red - in perfect consonance with the spirit of the street, the red feelings bearing the name of Rosa Luxemburg - but pleasantly cosy. 
While preparing the documentation for this short article - burned by the guilt of neglecting the most important blog of my life - I discovered that the Salon is not only a bourgeois ambiance for international book worms, but also a disco-club from a week-end to another or a good location for various concerts. 
The next time I will be there I will be ready for new cultural experiences.
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UNESCO Wonders in Berlin and Potsdam

Museumsinsel, Schloss Sanssouci, in Potsdam, the Hufeisensiedlung in Neukölln and the Gartenstadt Falkenberg in Köpenick are all part of the UNESCO Heritage. 
In fact, more I am discovering about Berlin, more I am not only in love with the city, but in the process of building a very professional and long-term relationship. It could be the city of the inspiration.
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Proof: Spring is (finally) back in Berlin