Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Visit My Cottage

Busy to cover some blog assignments at the beginning of this month, I stumbled upon My Cottage. I was in a hurry at the time but returned after I finished the interview for having a look inside and eventually talking with the people in charge.

My first impression: awesome! A very nice and pleasant girl offered me a lot of information about the orders of cookies - one week in advance is more than reasonable for a complicated offer, two days for the simple ones. Most of the products distributed are homemade - the collection of 'senf' was at least inspired - and the cookies look more than delicious. The prices are also acceptable and the ambiance inside is very inviting: I did not check if wifi is available, but if you don't necessarily need to check your e-mails every 3 hours and you are around, you can have a very pleasant break reading one of the newspapers brought daily. 

It may be situated not very central, but it is worth the effort to walk a bit as you may want to stay there for a couple of hours of quietness. And, once again, congratulations for the nice and welcoming customer service!

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