Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

The Foreigner in Berlin played golf in the dark

I turned into a big fan of Groupon lately and got some excellent travel deals. One of them was a ticket for two for around 8 Euro at the Schwarzlicht Insel for a session of golf. I did not play golf, real one or for children, for a couple of years and as the school is (finally) over, I thought that it might be a good present. 

I've heard only once about the 'golf in the dark' and was interested to find out more so the offer from Groupon went at the right moment. As I was not familiar with the location, I tried to figure out how to go there and it took me around 15 minutes to do the proper research, as I the website failed to help me too much. The place is situated somewhere between Steglitz and Dahlem in an area with big superstores and it is a bit difficult to find the location if not familiar with the place. Our luck was that we met an acquaintance by accident that knew where the golf place it is and thus we were indicated the right bus station. 

As on the website it was mentioned that it is highly recommended to schedule the visit to the golf place, we did it, but as we will see on the place, it was worth nothing as no one asked us about it. Because the place is not very big, it might be a necessity in the week-end. In our specific case, it was not the case to be worried that I am 10 minutes late and I may lost my round.

The Mini-Golf is situated at the second floor of an ugly looking building. We received at the entrance the golf pots, the 3D glasses and a little notebook to keep the record of our performances. With us, it was another family of four with grown ups, probably also celebrating the end of the school. The place look spectacular at the first sight, and with the house music from the background it created the perfect ambiance. 

Everything looks colourful - at the limit of kitsch - and full of life, and the 18 holes were waiting for us. The degree of difficulty is spread between holes so don't expect to experience a progressive complication of the degree of difficulty. We tried to take it systematically, practising our sleeping golf skills. However, after 30 minutes in the dark I felt the lack of air as the air conditioning system was either not working or not used at all. I tried to imagine how it is when there are more than 10 people around and did not like the thought.

The tour ended up in one hour and the timing was perfect. There it is also a bowling lane and a bar, but on a Monday early evening, everything was empty. We finally left, sure that we will not come back any time soon.

I was happy to pay a good small price instead of a big 20 euro for an experience that did not find interesting or special. There are many other things to be done around so no hurry to play golf in the dark. At least, not during the lovely summer days.

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