Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Ben Wagin art installation at Savigny Platz

If you find yourself by accident or by habit in the S-Bahn station Savigny Platz, you might eventually discovered some drawings on the wall, covering some of the colourful graffiti. Some are too far away to be seen properly, for some you need more time to fully understand their meaning. But they are there and there is a message for the busy passenger. 
The drawings are part of a memory project aimed to remember the Jews murdered during the war. In Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf area, at least 11,000 people (may their memory be blessed) were killed. 
The art project in the S-Bahn station is the work of the environmental activist and artist Ben Wagin and it sends messages against indifference and oblivion. As the last year was marked in Berlin in the memory of the 'destroyed part', the re-decoration of the area made sense. It is not easy to see the all messages, and when the train stops, there is not too much time for a considered lecture. However, there is enough information to find out what the project is about and when you are there for the next time, you will see more sense and meaning. 


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