Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Iceland performance at Volksbühne

When I don't travel, I either read a book or go out to a cultural events that will inspire a next trip. Tonight, I was lucky enough to participate at the final repetition for an exceptional performance that will be played to the public starting with 19th February, at the Volksbuehne. The idea is made in Iceland, and the interpretation belongs to the Filmorchester Babelsberg and Filmchoir.
Translated as the Explosive Sonics of Divinity, the mise-en-scene is inspired by the book of the Noble Prize laureate Halldor Laxness. The performance combines the composition of Kjartan Sveinsson, former keyboard player of the only band I knew in Iceland, Sigur Ros, and the stage paintings of Ragnar Kjartansson. 
The stage changes four times, offering the spectacular background for each of the four parts of the 1-hour show. It starts on a very intense low tone, repeated and amplified several times by the cello. The background is a sea, with trees under the wind. The second scene develop the first musical theme, through various changes of register. The main role is played by the choir.
As in the first case, a musical segment is developed, repeated or slightly changed. This gives a certain feeling of serenity. 
The scene no. 3 is the most spectacular with a fire on the stage, with pieces of wood cracking while the violins are playing an optimistic yet shy score. 
The end was too near, with a last scene with the entrance into a cave and a delicate woman voice interfering with the orchestra. The overall monotony remains, bringing peace slowly, a last attempt before the end. Wish it lasted more. 
Because the musical message is very clear, it is recommended also to non-German speaking expats. As for me, as expected this encounter with the Icelandic culture made me even more curious to explore it further and, why not, visit the country soon. 

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