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Made in Berlin: Markos and Esther "You have to work hard to bright, but that makes you stronger''

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a very interesting time talking with Markos and Esther, two creative expats originally from Chile and Spain, sharing their experience and creativity in Berlin. Some mails and questions later, they are my newest heroes of Made in Berlin, a project featuring awesome expat Berliners.

Markos spent his life in the design world and has experience with different work teams, especially in the domain of product and graphic design. Esther has a technical background, but she moved from the engineer to product design world, ending up in the challenging world of graphic design. One of their mottoes is: ''Anybody knows which direction will take the way, but everybody has to be ready to develop and recycle himself, if the situation request it". This goes also in the case of the personal life. Markos came from Chile to Spain looking for new sights and ideas on the old continent. "We meet each other and after a few time we realised that our time there was over. It wasn't difficult to take the decision: let´s try new experiences. The weather, the language, the customs, people personality, all is (still) so new that has all time a sweet and sour taste, but anyway it is delicious to taste it", explains Esther their history and impressions as expats in Berlin.
You can have a look at their website or get in touch with them instantly on Twitter at: @markosesther

Berlin, a place with opportunities

- Why did you decide to relocate to Berlin?
After a depressive and dark time in Spain, we needed some place that gives us opportunities and shows us new perspectives. German culture was not unknown for us and we decided to begin again in Berlin. Our plans weren't to stay here, but we are here more than two years.

Inspiration everywhere

- What opportunities do you think the city has for young designers and architects as you?
Here is possible to learn and to find inspiration only walking around the city. There are a lot of co-working spaces where you can meet and share ideas with different professionals, and there is a high quantity of courses, seminars and events where you can continuously grow. And of course there are also a lot of agencies where you can find work opportunities, learning and acquiring great experiences for your professional career.

- What are, in your opinion, the main challenges for working as a freelancer in Berlin?
The main challenge is the tight competition. It is harder when someone is new in the city, without contacts. Berlin is full of great professionals in this domain and the most used way to work here is through contacts and networks, that bring you from an opportunity to another. You have to work hard to bright, but that makes you stronger.

- I've read on your website about the arithmetic concept. It looks very interesting. How do you apply it as part of the package of services offered to your customers?
This concept is for us a nice mirror of our work philosophy. We use a method, like maths do it. We follow some steps in the same order to find our solution. The only accepted solution for the problem is to have happy clients. During the design process we also involve the client who is permanently a part of the project´s evolution.

- What are the projects you are most proud of?
We love Sorbisch/Serbsky Modern Branding, a project for social development, where we used a traditional symbol in a new interpretation. The design of our own Brand is for us really important, we love it. And also the last project, a Logo for a Russian-Chilean composer and the graphic communication of his last work, where we mix musical waves with South-American native symbols.

- What are your plans for the next months?
Our plans for every month are to find new and interesting projects, to improve our German and something new, to open a new market in Chile.

'Keep calm and learn German'
- What are your recommendations to an architect moving to Berlin for the first time?
Keep calm and work hard, like in every new beginning. Especially here in Germany, learn German, because it makes things easier.

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