Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

Small tips for a big city: Kurze Strecke Taxi ride

Every day, Berlin seems to surprise me with new tips and ideas that I hardly knew about it. As usual when you travel, either long or short term, it is important to count on the opinion of the locals or people with extensive experience in knowing the city. A couple of days ago, I was busy to be in time to a conference with a friend of mine, a dedicated Berliner for more than 20 years. Although not born in this city and not even in Germany, through the everyday interaction with the people she is a living testimony of all the changes this city went through in the last decades.
This time, she offered me another lesson about the city, to me, the one that I dare to consider myself a kind of expert in all things Berlin. As we were a bit late and too tired to run very fast till our destination, she told me with a very quiet smile: We will take the cab! I am usually a big fan of taxi rides, even in the very expensive London, but when in Berlin, I never felt the need to do it, except maybe 2-3 times when I really did not have any other choice. But this time did not feel that this is exactly the case. My friend, noticing my untold opposition, added: We will take Kurze Strecke, of course? This time, I dared to reply, as did know that this Kurze Strecke is available only for 4-station ride with bus, train or metro: What does it mean? Of, you don't know...told you that you should learn a lot about this city...she said. This is when you go with the cab only for 2 km. and for a fixed price: 4 Euro! The idea to stay in a comfy Mercedes taxi for a couple of minutes and only for 4 Euro sounded too good to be refused. The condition is to take the cab from the street. 
We took the cab mentioning the destination and the label of our trip: the already famous Kurze Strecke. No comments from the driver and in just a short while we were at the conference, taking the last free seats.
Warning: this awesome offer is available only within the Berlin Republic!
Enjoy your short taxi ride!

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