Samstag, 15. August 2015

Cocktail hour at The Train

Couple of years ago, I used to go once in a while around Kleistpark, but it seems that it took me ages to be back in the area. As I was back two weeks ago, I discovered some interesting foodie temptations around and also some cultural spots that may request my attention soon. But this time, I did not have too much time: I had a destination: The Train Cocktail Bar, for a surprise party for a friend that was about to leave Berlin. 
 What makes this bar, not crowded at all when I went there, a Tuesday hot afternoon - keep in mind that on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays the cocktails are 5 Euro each - a special presence is its location: the indoors area is hosted in a wagon from the 1920s, with old wooden tables and typical red curtains. The golden tinfoil on the ceiling is kitsch though and did not make the old place more attractive.
In the backyard, there is the summer garden, a bit dusty and not necessarily well kept. Not exactly a garden, without green areas, and with many mistmatched cheap chairs. Going beyond the design downsides, the service is fast even though a bit insistent when it comes to taking the orders. 
When it comes to the menu, nothing to say against it: the classical alcoholic choices: Mai Tai and Caipirinhas and Fizzies alternates with innocent non-alcoholic drinks, like my one and only: Candy Girl. A (too) sweet of coconut syrup, vanilla syrup, cream, milk and some banana shake, with a slice of cantaloupe. You may say it is too much sugar shoot, but when a good friend is living Berlin for good, this is what's left...

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