Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

The mysterious fox

I've heard first about her when I moved in the area: there were a couple of articles in the media talking about her. Once, I was told, she was quietly waiting the green light. I must confessed, I never read myself those stories.
This summer, late after midnight, while looking for a parking place one street away of my house, I saw a shadow of an animal which I took for a dog. It was looking as a dog, but with a big fury tail. "Are they street dogs in Berlin?", I asked my boyfriend. "What a thought, no, of course, why?". "Look there", and I showed him the wandering shadow. "I can't be a dog, maybe a fox", he said apatic. "Can't believe it, this is the fox", and jumped out of the car to catch the real thing. But it was already out of my poor sight.
Today, I've heard again news from her/him: there were some traces discovered in the garden, fresh in the snow. A discrete presence during the night. I was warned to forget about the idea of living some food during the night.
The other fresh news is about the wild boars you could see around Tierpark, and not only in the Gruenewald area, where I knew for sure they can be found. 

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