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Job hunting in Berlin

This is a post I wanted to write for days, but I was lacking the optimistic and relaxed mood for a clearly ironic (without tragic and dramatic words) perspective. In this post I am gathering direct and indirect experiences, from the last almost two years, and no data or other scientific and official researches about the market, trends and opportunities. I will, definitely, return to some academic background.

What I am hearing very often, from successful and unsuccessful employed people is that the choices in Berlin are relatively limited. Unless you are not a student - accepting free full-time internships - or artist of any kind (preferably as experimental as possible) or rich enough for opening your small bakery (wish I could). For jobs in financial sector, better give up and move in another town. If you are an academic, you have enormous chances to apply in one of the numerous research centers all over the country, not in places with an intense social life but with a very good financing opportunities and possibly, where you could find another expats.

As an expat, obviously, your chances are significantly increasing if you learn fast and almost perfect German. Which I find normal, but not easy at all. For English contributions as a writer, if you are not a native speaker, in 99,9% of the cases you will be rejected. Why, because you are not a native speaker - "I'm afraid that we are looking for a native speaker", a very often rejection expression you'll find in your mailbox, even your application included very successful writing credential. Can you please repeat after me: "You are not a native speaker". Next time, be careful where do you invest your hopes.

If you are desperate to work something, maybe you have same small chances to find a nice paid internship, full-time, not necessarily in your area of expertise, generously paid with maximum 600 euros. For this impressive amount, I would hardly open my eyes in the morning, not talking about convincing myself to go out of the house. But, some - more adventurous will do it for a couple of months and then, will be happy to apply to the Arbeitsamt for the social services. If you are living in Prenzlauer Berg you'll discover that you are very trendy, as many of your neighbours are in the same happy situation. If you are part of a couple, and he or she are in the same situation, you could get more than 1,000 euros without too much effort. 

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Try some pet-sitting (especially for busy expats). 

Meanwhile, keep walking and send CVs and watch ads and network and tell your friends, neighbours and whoever you can have in the front of you that you are desperately looking for a job. Maybe, one day, the spring will come...

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