Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Vanilla and muffins

I am wondering if I am the only one who noticed the difference between the left and right sides of Greifswalderstrasse? If you look stright away to Alexanderplatz, the buildings and shops from the right side of the street are ugly and stereotypical communist, in comparison with a rather bourgeois air on the left side.
This is my observation after visiting twice in the last three weeks this area, for cosy meetings with friends at Vanilla muffins shop. (I was to shy to make pictures, maybe I should go back soon only for some snapshots).
English speaking personnel, quiet place, with maximum 5 tables (if I remember correctly), English reviews and a corner for children. Colourful, multiple-sized and affrodable muffins and coffees - cappucino, mon amour, as usual, with the possibility of taking away. 
Wish them a long and vanilla live! Now, that the weather is so surprinsingly sunny (in comparison with the snow in New York), I am seriously thinking to spend again some more time there, at the tables outside.
Are they any other interesting and creative muffins shops in Berlin? (Wish I have my own...)

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