Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Berlin loves flowers

A flower shop @Halensee
Every Friday, somebody from my family is assigned the task of buying a special type of flowers. Early in the morning we have a special conference call, discussing in details what we should look for and why. Each week we are interested in a different type of flower.
Since I am living in Berlin, I don't worry about finding it, at reasonable price, as the flower shops are almost everywhere: at the almost every subway station or on the street, in the shops, flowers are always your way. Most part of the shops are owned and operated by people from Asia - Thailand and China, in most part of the cases - friendly and easy to help. 
The favorites of the season are tulips - various colours and wonderful combinations - for 1 Euro one, or 2.50 Euro ten, depends how do you know to spot the best prices - but also roses - my latest favorites were the ones with yellow and red spots. The minimum price for ten is around 2.50. 
The flowers are enobling your house and table and, of course, your life. Berlin may teach you to love the flowers and bring them into your life. 
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