Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

From a market to another

It's again this time of the year when everybody is inviting us to meet at a "markt" nearby and we are politely refusing such honors. The boiling wine and the various temptations of toys aren't temptations enough for us for a joyous inter-cultural experience. Case in which, we prefer to take the full advantage of the evenings starting around 3pm for long reading evenings or other cultural happenings. Otherwise the craziness may be your best companion until the end of the winter - probably somewhere around the end of March. 

Sometimes, the "markt" are unavoidable and while crossing the "happy" areas I took a couple of pictures of some poor toys waiting to be liberated somehow from the prison of the kitsch. There are also good sides of such events, with lots of food and cheap merchandise, sometimes some street concerts and a lot of boiled wine.

In Spandau where the small streets of the former village aren't large enough to host the visitors from all over the  corners of the city.

The charity actions - the good side of the winter markets.


Hanging tigers in Wilmersdorf
I am more than convinced there are many real cultural opportunities to spend your time and money on in the spontaneous city of Berlin. Till then, enjoy some snapshots of a sad show of plush toys.
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