Montag, 26. November 2012

Searching for a job in the Mercedes Benz show room

If you want to organize an event in Berlin, with a limited budget, you have plenty of opportunities, for less than 1,000 Euro. New office spaces are created or rebranded from scratch and at least for a while, you can take the opportunity to be part of the realtors' plans to advertise their location almost for free. Sooner, they will ask more and more money, but one of the predominant feature of a real Berliner is to do not care too much about tomorrow.

Over one week ago, I've been at a Job Fair - Job Messe, organized at Mercedes Benz showroom in Moabit. I've heard about the location only a couple of days before and went there for the first time. For me, it was the most impressive job hunting I ever attended. Not only the numbers of participants was huge, but most of them were really impressed to head hunt and to be head hunted. If I would have look for a job, I have had a lot of work to do. Instead, I took the occasion of the free entrance, of the photo opportunities and of the possibility of working while taking pictures. The networking was better than ever before - and the visual experience equally interesting. Even I will never drive a Mercedes Benz, I appreciated the opportunity and I am happy to share it with my readers.

A parking place for the Mercedes Benz flotilla

The exterior architecture isn't so spectacular

For the beginning, let's do some climbing.

Three stores full of companies and job seekers

Let's dream speed

The MBenz on sale

Catch me if you can - your favorite car between plants; the children have their playground a

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