Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Winter feeling around Potsdamer Platz

Winter is not officially here, but I feel the cold getting worse and more warm clothing are needed. I visited Potsdamer Platz last week, around 11.00 and the sky was grey. Honestly, did not see a serious ray of light for a couple of weeks. The snow slope is ready and the winter fairs were already open, even though it is more than one month before the holiday season is officially open. At that time of the day, there were not too many people around, but most probably during the weekend and late in the evening, the tourists will be tempted to have their hot wine and their currywurst in one of the most elegant corners of the city - to be read where money is made. 

As usual, I am fascinated by the combination of kitsch and innovation that this city can display. Nothing has to do with style here, but with the aggressive freedom of doing what you want to, even it means to shock visually the sophisticated European eyes. A kind of small America in the middle of Europe.

Understanding the intricacies of lines

Lost sky scrapers

Maybe the snowman will bring more order around?

Let's sky in Potsdamer Platz

Early visitors at 11 o'clock

Never too early for a little drink in the morning

The game of geometry continues

Everyting goes round and round and round

Even the trees need some artificial light

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