Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Free samples from Weleda

My collection of samples
If you visited lately any of the Bio Company stores in Berlin you might noticed a lot of samples from Weleda offered to the customers. I am not too much into homeopathic remedies, but when it comes to cosmetics, I always prefer those based on natural products. And as all my readers know, Germany is the place where homeopathy is highly appreciated, even despite obvious medical evidences. 

However, within some limits, the natural products could be good and I encourage their use.

As I went very often lately at Bio Company, I had the possibility to collect different samples, including lemon and pomegranate-flavored. I do not like too much the smell - this is the 'disadvantage' of using 'natural products' - but the skin reacted favorably, and got a nice velvet touch that I always expect to be produced by good creams. 

Overall, after trying all the samples for one week, I am tempted to have at least one Weleda product at home. The harsh German winter and the unfavorable weather in general affect considerably the skin and it is important to always use products designed for sensitive skins.

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