Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Kringle in Berlin

I was not familiar with the Kringle Candles, but almost daily I pass by a Kringle shop and thus, a couple of months after the shop was open I decided to pay a visit.

It is located in a very nice and quiet area of Berlin, not at all a hub for big businesses, where people will rather go for a ride or take a walk with their children instead of shopping. However, the concept of the shop is quite appealing and if one of those living in the houses nearby Konstanzerstrasse will be interested to add more style to their long evenings, they will for sure stop at this small shop.

Compared with other similar candles, the prices are a big high, with at least 2.00 Euro investment in a parfumed candle that will last for around 2 hours. But the effects last and at least once in a while you must try it. There are several essences: foods, fruits, flowers. You can find one of the most creative cmobinations, such as breakfast, watermelon or various spices. 

The shops smells some of the essences of the candles, and the lady in charge was quite friendly and ready to help someone interested less in buying but in understanding the concept and its uniqueness for Berlin. I had a classical vanilla choice and enjoyed the pleasure of the new smell in the house.

A good idea for a weekly present or a surprise candle early evening for someone you love.

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