Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Sunday shopping on Ku'damm

Today, it was a shopping Sunday afternoon on Ku'damm and the neighbouring shops. Many fashion boutiques, but also drugstores or supermarkets were open between 13.00 and 18.00. Compared to the US or many other European countries, it was a relatively quiet time, without a big rush to get the best prices as fast as possible. With some exceptions, there were maybe 1-2 visitors the shop, most of them tourists. 
Shopping on Sundays is very often a national debate here, especially in the Southern part of the country, more religious than the tolerant Berlin and keeping the shops open in a legal day of rest is going far beyond the commercial reasons. 
Very relaxed, and without a shopping list in my pocket, I decided to explore (again) the Ku'damm in a couple of shops. I decided to enter those that I never visited before.

I started with the flagship store of Mientus, that is situated very close to Adenauer Square. A similar store is open in Hamburg. I passed by very often this shop, but never dared to go till the last floor. This time, I not only had a look at the ground level, but fully explored it, till the third level. The nice background music kept me a good company. Many men clothes, elegant and sport styles, with a couple of items for women, but too much sport style for my taste. Top notch prices for good quality. I also loved the cute orchids in-between stores. 
Running to the next destination, I noticed that the carpets' shop was also open, with many good sales. I controlled my addiction for oriental carpets and successfully arrived at the next destination.
I see the windows of Witty Knitters at least once the week, but waited for the right moment to visit it properly. One should be dressed properly and in a good mood to enter Alice's world, isn't it? Try not to stare too much at the hats from the entrance, and go forth till the end of the shop. The interior design is exquisite, and so are the products. I've found some nice dresses and leather jackets for me. The sales go till 50%. Keeping up with the good habits, the shop is very often part of shopping events, so if you are not readyyet  for an investment in your closet, keep an eye on the next Sunday experience. 
I am not a dancer and it is too late for a dramatic career switch, but dancing shoes are always my favourites, especially for the long walking experiences during my trips. Dimensione danza is generous with clumsy people like me and give us a chance at least to look as fancy dancers. I admired the quality cotton T-shirts and skirts, that deserve the high prices. I especially fell in love with the little children's corner, with so many cool clothes that will make you love dancing. 
Unfortunately, many of the top brands did not decided to open today. Probably because there are too high to run for 2-3 more customers in 5 hours, but also because there were not too many sales involves, at least for the moment. Some of the great absences were Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Chanel, Jil Sanders (how much I wanted to have a look at some of their dresses) or Bulgari.
But the good news was that some of the big brands were represented in this crowded outlet store that I hardly notice during the week. Don't except a special design of the store. Here was the highest concentration of people from all the shops I saw today, and the simple reason was the excellent pricing. A couple of minutes you can resist without music and maybe a complimentary glass of champagne. As long as with around 300 Euro you can buy things that otherwise are more than 400 the piece...
Just because nothing else was around, I hopped for a couple of minutes at Butlers for some freshly discounted cooking books. I remember that I have plenty of such books that I did not even read for a foodie review, so went to the next and last shopping stop. 
I keep a close sentimental attachment to Kookai as one of the first shops where I'd spent my hardly worked money. I am not a dedicated customer now, and I am not living in a country with too many Kookai stores, but I like to visit the shop from time to time. This time too I've found a lot of interesting offers, for the last and coming season, with or without discounts, for special evens or for the everyday work. 
I left the shop in the sound of an unknown musician singing 'A day will come and will have everything'. At least till the next week, I have everything I need. And did not find yet a good store to buy some extra time for everything I want to do.  

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