Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Hummus nostalgy, at Nanoosh

At the beginning of last December, shortly after the official opening, I visited the German variant of Nanoosh on the occasion of a social event for expats and promised to be back very soon to have a proper tasting of their food. However, it took me more than half a year to return. Maybe my longing for the Middle East was not too strong till today. What I know for sure is that it did not took me too much time to order a simple humus and some eggplants with sesame seeds and a rich olive oil in the middle. With a lemonade and a pita. The menu is basically organic, with a Mediterranean flavour: falafel, labane, salads with raisins. I really loved my food, but to be honest, I rather recognized a good healthy Turkish Mediterranean style that made me miss the 'hard-core' Middle Eastern menus, and hummus, even more. It's all for the good.

The service was moderately fast, but it seemed that the preparation lasted longer for those ordering take-aways. Around 12, when I arrived, the restaurant was almost empty. In the next 30 minutes, most of the indoor and outdoor tables were taken. The design is simple, giving a touch of style to the place. It keeps being a fast food but one for people with healthy habits. The prices are low to moderate, with a menu designed with humour and good inspiration. 
Most probably, for my next encounter with Nanoosh it will not take me another 6 months. 

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