Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Discovering Charlottenburg: Replica/Gipsformerei Museum

As planned, I continued this week the step-by-step discovery of Charlottenburg, an area that I love but with many hidden treasures. Take, for instance, the Gipsformerei Museum, that I was hardly aware of one week ago. It is situated close to the Westend S-Bahn station and is around 200 years old, being considered one of the oldest Prussian Museum. The space open to the public presents various replicas of famous statues, from a horse by Leonardo da Vinci, to Venus Capitolina, covering various cultures and geographical areas. The collection was created as an idea of Friedrich Wilhelm the IIIrd, aiming to create copies of famous work of art for public and private collections. One of the first customers were Humboldt brothers and Goethe. The building hosting the museum has also a hidden part where around 24 specialists are creating new replicas in the workshops. The replicas are designed to resist various climatic conditions and made from different materials. 

The models are available for sale, with prices that may differ if painted or not. The process of producing a big one may last around 6 months, while in the case of a small sample, you can have it in around 3 months. The prices may vary between a couple of hundreds to around 24,900 EUR. for a big Venus Capitolina. 
The first and third Wednesday of each month, guided tours are organized, with detailed explanations about the collection and the production process. 

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