Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Kids shopping on Ku'damm

With the holiday season open and a lot of anniversaries of friends' children days away, I've found myself, as usual, completely unprepared with the presents part. No wonder, as buying presents was, is and most likely will always be, the most difficult part of my life. I disappoint often the little ones expectations or completely mistake the size or the favourite colour I was requested more than 5 times. However, I assume that with children till 1 year it is easier, as I usually buy one size bigger and they are not too fussy weighting diplomatically or not their 'thank you' for my presents. This Tuesday, I discovered though that it is not too easy to made a decision, especially when I chose Ku'damm as my hunting terrain. 

I started with Il Gufo shop, at the beginning of Bleibtreustrasse. A relatively big shop, presenting elegant clothes for boys and girls till 12. It seemed that it was not a very good day for the shop, as my messy presence was not noticed, although for the next minutes onwards I was the only customer in the shop. The prices were relatively high, which can be a problem when you make an investment for clothes for children whose sizes are changing from a month to another. Especially the sky costumes were good looking, but as my friends will not go to sky with their kid in the next 10 years or more, I admired once again the beautiful dresses for bigger girls and went to the next destination. 

At Pinco Pallino I reached a new level of children elegance. Offering very chic but with a rather adult cut dresses and young suites for children, the shop has high prices and a relatively limited array of choices. Most clothes are designed for special occasions, even though I thought that the winter white coat can be easily worn every day, especially if your children are attending one of the posh private schools in Berlin. The shop has many visitors, but not a very welcoming customer service. The space is small, but decorated with taste. Documentation done, time to move to the next shop.

At Carine, I felt not only welcomed, but talking with people ready to help. I bet that they were almost sure that I am not necessarily the type of customer that will leave the shop with lots of packs but they did their job with patience and attention and I was sincerely impressed. For a 1 year old, the offer was very diverse, with many chic and sport outfits, at good prices. Not cheap, but the right price you can get for an elegant Ralph Laurent polo shirt. 

When I arrived at Jacadi, I felt in the air the familiar smell of the presents we used to receive many years ago from France once the year. I am not sure if my clothes were from this brand though as I was not too careful for fashion then. The colourful shop has not only outdoor clothes, but also PJs or toys. The prices are relatively accessible, with around 100 EUR for a winter jacket. The service was relatively friendly, especially with the little customers not too patient to try all the clothes that their parents have chose for them. 

Tartine et Chocolat was my next destination, only one shop away. I was welcomed by an ambiance of classical music, that gave a too serious note to the little room over crowded with baby carriages, many signed by big fashion houses, like Cavalli or Fendi. Perfectly matched children clothing were waiting for the fancy parents to turn their little ones into veritable fashion addicts. But as I know that my friends have other plans with their little boy, I resumed my researches for the day and took a break from windows shopping till the next time. 


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