Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Foodie Berlin: Pan Asian Kitchen

I am craving very often for Asian food, but still haven't found what I am looking for, especially when it comes to some specific dishes I am so much in love with - like pad thai, for instance. One of the last weeks, I was wandering around Zoo, hoping to discover a place to recommend for the exquisite cuisine. As any menu seemed to be very far from my requirements, the journalistic side won and decided to explore a new place full stop. Rolled the dices and entered the Pan Asian Kitchen a relatively new place on Ansbacher Strasse. It looks very youngish, with colourful decorations matching the bowls with fruits. 
It does not look as a big investment in design, but looks friendly, a good choice for Sunday brunch of families with children or for tourists tired and hungry after long walking around the Zoo. The service is friendly and very fast and we were able to order, enjoy the food and leave in less than 50 minutes.
 We started with a green tea, a healthy addiction I acquired during my Japanese time.
We started the meal with a delicious salad, with an unexpected and unique for me combination of veggies: edamame and waterchestnuts, plus tomatoes, soya sprouts and different types of cabages. Light, an impressive portion for one person and brings back the good energy.
Unaware of the size of the dishes, we ordered a (huge) portion of veggy noodles too.Compared to the usual wok experiences, it did not have too much oil, but for a second meal, it was obviously too much. At the end of the feast, we are treated with a small bowl of fresh fruits just not too feel too guilty after so much eating. The prices are moderate, and this first experience was friendly enough to give a chance to a second meal here. 

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