Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

The Memorial to the Homosexual Victims of National Socialism

When you go from Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz, after you pass near the Holocaust Memorial on the left side you will find at the entrance of an alley in Tiergarden a black cubicle with a small window. It is the Memorial to the Homosexual Victims of National Socialism. 
After several discussions and not less controversies, the memorial was unveiled on 27 May 2008. Designed by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, it is the third of this kind in Germany - the others two being located in Cologne and Frankfurt. Inside the black concrete cubicle, there is a movie with 2 kissing men that can be watched free of charge through a small window, that goes on and on 24/7. 
The gay people were not given justice after the end of the war, and the Paragraph 175 condemning homosexual relations was finally eliminated from the Penal Code only in 1994. On 17 May 2002, the German Bundestag resolves to rehabilitate all those who fell victim of the section 175 of the German Criminal Code during the national-socialist regime. 

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