Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Foodie Berlin: Dao Thai restaurant

It's not too hard to find a new Thai restaurant on Kantsrasse, but I am trying to set for the best. After hearing and reading various recommendations, I decided the last Monday to pay a respectful visit to Dao, which besides the food that I can't wait to write about, also organizes Thai cooking classes. Already on the top of my priority lists to experience in Berlin. The ambiance was very pleasant, with moderate decorations and waitresses wearing Thai dresses. It was a very hot day, but as in the case of the overwhelming majority of Berlin restaurant, there was no air condition - what for when you have hot temperatures maximum one full week the year, anyway? - but the tables set outside were a good option for those looking to take some fresh air.  
The service was very fast and in less than 15 minutes we were brought the drinks and the dishes, plus forks and spoons shaped as bamboo sticks. The restaurant also offers take away deliveries. Another good news is that the restaurant accepts credit card payments. If you are living in Berlin, you may know why this ridiculous detail is so important! As for the prices, is more expensive than any other Thai restaurant I've been to in Berlin, but fully deserves it! You will find the reasons why right now!
I am very thirsty and the beverages are exactly as cold as I wanted, with nice and many ice cubes. But when I see the Thai spring rolls - Poh Pia Je - brought on a banana leaf, a first time for me, I am intrigued enough to taste them. Inside the big wrap: glass noodles, tofu, various veggies and coriander. The sour sweet sauce is not very hot. 
While waiting the next meal, I am brought the revelation of the day: the okra flowers and long chan fruits. Love at the very first sight! Very refreshing, naturally sweet and with a full fruity taste. If only for that and I can decide to spent a lot of sunny days sipping this delicious beverage.
The end of the chosen menu: the Pad Thai Tan Phu, made according to the highest art of pad thai - my favourite Thai meal, if you didn't know already. Not oily, very well tempered by the fresh taste of soy sprouts and the lemon grass, with enough nuts to feed your hunger and fine noodles. 
This is only the end of an episode of what seems to be a long Thai love story.

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