Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Visiting ocelot 'not just another bookstore'

I wanted to visit this bookstore for over a year, but as always, my travels to the Eastern part of the city are only taking place from time to time. Ocelot, - 'not just another bookstore' - is situated close to Rosenthaler Platz. Two ladies on the bench in the front of the store were knitting something colourful and the sounds of jazz music convinced me that some special things are hidden inside.
Compared to other bookstores, especially in the area of Prenzlauer Berg - where the boheme wants to read up-to-date titles -, it has a lot of space which was designed smartly. There is enough space to stay and read as much as the shop is open - at a long friendly wooden table, near the bar, serving muffins or coffee. The wood of the shelves creates the feeling of being at home. 
There is also a little corner for children, with pillows where to relax while getting to know the world of children. Due to the high concentration of children with families, it makes sense to safe so much space for children, but not for creating a playground, but for inspiring them the love for books.
The books sold are mostly from the literary register, with updated German translations. The publications corner is not very impressive, and neither is the English books area. Otherwise, I feel like I need to challenge myself more for reading in German. The literature domain is very well represented, and so it is the foodie one, and the one focused on creative arts. Anything interesting enough in the domain of social sciences or history, as well as politics. 
But despite those downsides, there are enough books to keep me very busy so every time when will be around Rosenthaler Platz I will try to visit ocelot. Maybe buy more books too. I am trying to speak a perfect German, that's why! 

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