Sonntag, 17. August 2014

Exploring Teufelsee

After spending one month far away from Berlin, I tried to get in touch again intensively with the city in the last days. Except the weather - an autumn cocktail of rain, grey clouds and some happy hours of sun - I must recognize that I missed the city and in the last week I tried to visit as many old beloved places as possible, as well as checking new destinations. Since the early spring, my friends recommended me Teufelsee as a quiet destination for slow hiking. Today, I finally made it there. From the S-Bahn Grunewald, I passed on the other side of the train passage, near terraces and open air restaurants. Some of them were renting bikes for 12 Euro the day, a tempting offer given the hike concentration of bikes in the area. However, I resisted the temptation and preferred the slow walking around. 
Although there is not a marked road, is almost impossible to get lost. Especially today, it was plenty of bikes, Nordic walkers, families with children, joggers and a lot of dogs and their owners. Happily enough, the forest is big enough for all the people from Berlin looking for a secluded green paradise. 
From time to time, there were big billboards explaining the visitors what they can expect in terms of flora and fauna, but unfortunately I did not spot anything special.
From afar, the mysterious Teufelsberg listening station, the former CIA center in West Berlin, was overseeing the area. 
Suddenly, the secluded beach I was told about appeared. True is that it was not that secluded, and there were a lot of people around chilling out or having lunch on the fine sand dune, but the presence was spectacular.  
The traces of conifers on the sand brought an air of mystery to the place, while announcing the inevitable autumn. 
 We kept walking near the fallen trees and serious joggers, looking for an animal farm I was told about. 
But we only found the lake, with children training to swim over a canoe. Their enthusiastic noises were contagious breaking up from time to time the majestic silence of the area. Here  is a short live video. 
The area was crowded, so we preferred to keep walking and walking, looking for more fresh air and even more hiking. Although I was well trained, after intensive hiking in medium to difficult mountains, I enjoyed the slow motion. Good sport shoes are recommended for a successful experience. 
I suppose the journey can be done all round the year, but this time of the year is perfect for the good temperature and the beautiful green scenery. 
Wild colourful fruits were sparkling from time to time the green monotony. I tried to spot some special animal traces in the fresh mud, but could not get anything special. Better for me, as during my last hiking in the Carpathians, I was showed some delicate bear trace and was not sure how I should react if finally meeting the furry one.  
On the ground, wild mushrooms were ready for some photon opportunities. I felt sad to leave the Teufelsee, thinking about the coming cold weather and the limited experiences of hiking. However, with so many green areas and forests in and around Berlin, I should try to repeat the experience at least twice the week in the coming month. Not only keeps me fit, but gives me a certain feeling of well being and mental wellness. 

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