Montag, 18. August 2014

Foodie Berlin: Lon Men's Noodle House

When all the foodie options fail or when I am lazy enough to refuse to read any of the many cookbooks resting on the shelves, Kanstrasse is always the best alternative for an affordable tasty dinner or lunch. After a couple of hours of walking in the woods near Teufelsee, we ended up wandering on the above mentioned street for some special yet healthy lunch. Was a kind of sad to notice that I checked almost all the pubs and restaurants on both sides of the streets. Except one: Lon Men's Noodle House, a Taiwanese noodle parlour situated on no. 33. 
Although busy, we succeeded to find some free places outside, courageous enough to cope with the invasion of wasps. There were a couple of places inside too, small traditional tables crowded near pictures from Taiwan or the owner near various personalities that visited the eatery, among which the former chancellor Helmut Kohl. The owners did not invest too much in the interior design, but at least the food is served in Asian-looking bowls which brings a little note of authenticity to the experience. 
I ordered some peanut and sesame noodles, brought relatively fast. The noodles were different of what I tasted before: smooth, consistent, kind of silky, with a special consistency probably given by the eggs. The veggies - fine slices of carrots, cucumber and salad - added a lot of freshness that diminished in a welcoming way the satiety of the peanut sauce. As for the sesame, I did not feel it too much, maybe I should give a new try to this dish for a better understanding of the recipe. 
And even not for the dish, I am still decided to give a new try to this place, just because I am sure it will inspire me for more Asian trips soon!

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