Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Checkpoint California: American Art in the heart of Berlin

Till the 28th of June, the visitors of Unter den Linden can stop and visit - for free - an interesting exhibition of modern art inspired by California hosted at Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle. California is not only about the sun, that we need it dearly these days, but also about the inspiration brought about by the blue sky and outdoor long walks around the beach.
The exhibition presents works of six modern artists that benefited from stays at the famous Villa Aurora in Los Angels, that during and after WWII was a center of supporting creative artists, especially from Germany. Managed for a long time by Lion Feuchtwanger and his wife, Marta, it hosted at various times personalities like Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Mann and Bertold Brecht. The works presented for the next days are created by artists in residence and covers various personal lectures in the modern register of California, seen not only through the eyes of the show biz and glamour of Hollywood.  
The works and installations - some of them extensively presented through various other events organised on the sides of the exhibition - are investigations and personal insights of familiar landscapes, exploring the limits of reflection and the power of image. Albrecht Schäfer, for instance, creates hanging sculptures out of small pieces of wood with letters and colours marking the space like aponderal columns. You leave the space with the confirmation of the power of arts to change: perspectives, places and, especially people. 

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