Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Tina Heuter exhibition on Knesebeckstrasse

 The surprising part of walking the streets of the Western part of Berlin is that you never know when you will discover something completely new. From interesting shops to newly opened restaurants, I can hardly have enough of this part of the city. When it comes to art galleries, the pleasure is even greater, as it often gives me inspiration and creative strength after a full day spent at work. This was the effect that Tina Heuter exhibition had on my afternoon, after entering the space on Knesebeckstrasse 20/21. 
Delicate bronze, concrete and paper silhouettes are balancing their delicate weights against the silent whitness of the walls.
Unexpected combinations of materials, like colourful thread on white silk paper, or the pop-art light installation attached to a bronze heads are pushing the limits of creativity farther. 
Most works - all on sale - requested an impressive amount of time and painful unsuccessful attempts to perfection. 
 The strength of the perfect attempts to beauty invites to silence.
Irony is present, in the red lips of the concrete statues or the Chanel bag hanging on the hands of the elongated bronze women profiles. 
This exhibition is open till the end of August, but Heuter is often presenting her works all over Germany. 

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