Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Iranian graffiti at SomoS gallery

Everyone is speaking a lot about Iran today and politics are always on the top of my interest list - equal place with travel - but there are also other things that the Persian culture can offer: the talent of young free minds, and the very tasty food. This Monday, I started my week visiting an interesting graffiti exhibition with works of Iranian artists, at SomoS gallery at Kottbuser Damm. 
When thinking about graffiti, the first thing it comes in mind is the street art, isn't it? This exhibition brought motives and works typical for the street art in the closed space of the exhibition. Local urban symbols and various messages of peace in Persian are part of the graffiti on canvas works. 
The space, hosted at the first floor of a building, was crowded with people, some of them artists themselves keen to offer more details about their work. Images on a musical background are projected on a screen, but unfortunatelly there is not too much to find out about how it really feels to be a graffiti artist in Tehran. Probably many of them already left the country, as I bet it is not that easy to make your free creative way there without freedom risks. 
There are not too many works displayed and wished there are also other events on the same topics organized on that occasion, such as short presentations and open workshops with the artits. SomoS Gallery is an open creative space offering exhibition space to artists, meaning 'we are', in Portuguese.
 The exhibition can be visited till the beginning of August.
This was the first event dedicated to Persian graffiti and hope that Berlin, which hosts many young Iranian artists, will offer even more special similar events. As I was able to see during my short visit at SomoS, there is a huge interest for this part of the creative world and I hope not only for the opportunity offered to the West to make businesses with a very politically incorrect regime. 

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