Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Summer of pop-up stores

It is plenty of pop-up store in the Eastern part of Berlin, but thanks to the creative people from Bikini,also in the West. The temporary fashion spaces are becoming not only places to trade merchandise, but also to offer inspiration and creative energy. Brunnenstrasse 190 is hostign till July 31, Popup Fashion BLN and went this week to have a look around.
The space is big enough to accommodate a lot of people and different kind of tailored products, from evening gowns and glittering rocks to jewellery made practically out of everything.
There is even a Japanese-inspired corner using traditional kimono textures for bags - love them - or caps. The prices are medium to high, the usual average in an area with many cretive hubs and tailored unique fashion.
For the environmental aware, there are home-made Brazilian soaps that look like tempting pieces of chocolate. 
Near by, at no. 195, a different pop-up store is aimed to create no only shopping temptations, but also to bring a piece of Japan to Berlin. Connecter Tokyo Pop-up Store aka. Tokyo meets Berliner is open till the beginning of August.
 I was disappointed because I was expected a bigger space, but still it is enough to exhibit gorgeous dresses with manga motives. The colours are so pleasant and fashionable that I would love to buy them all.
And if I want some pancakes with honey to dress my feet, I know from where I can bring a bit of extravaganza into my life. It is never too late to dramatically change my style and a Japanese pop-up store is the right place to start the rewamping. 

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