Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Frozen Yogurt - Berlin style

Two Americans opened recently - on the occasion of the 125 anniversary of Ku'damm - a frozen yogurt boutique, very close to the Zoo and near Ku'damm: FroYoCake.

I am passing through the place every week at least twice, but didn't have enough curiosity to stop by and have a bit of something. Now, when I will have to wait for the summer for at least 5 months, I decided it's the right moment for some frozen food.

But, as soon as I found the muffins - elegant and homemade - I gave up the curiosity of tasting the Made in Berlin frozen yogurt and pick up a vanilla muffin. A good taste and nice appearance.

For the youngest member of our family, the choice was clear: frozen yogurt (as a diplomatic way to enjoy two icecreams the day). You are free to make your own combination and pick up the size fitting you (ours was "small"). Satisfaction guaranteed and at the end I made renewed promises to return in the near future (most probably today is the right time).

I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures (I am still making efforts to optimize the use of my smart phone) but you should believe me that the experience is worth. The place is small, quiet and cozy, with one lady giving advice about the best combinations (including in English). Frozen yogurt is the new entry in Berlin's menus, and I am sure many improvements will follow in the next months, but for the moment I am happy with the offer and promise to continue the research in other places as well.

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