Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Markt der Kontinente

Time for multi-kulti celebration in Dahlem: this week-end supporters from all over the world - but mostly from Africa and Latin America - gathered for two days at the Ethnological Museum in Dahlem  presenting and selling colourful and original merchandise. Organized in the German tradition of the much-loved Christmas Fairs, the event gathered kids and parents, museum fans or simply shoppers. The price was of 6 Euro - the entrance price at the museum. Beyond the generous offer of products - not extremely cheap, but including many handmade products - there were also organized workshops for kids - cooking, playing "exotic" instruments -, concerts and movie projections. Today, on the last day, it was plenty of people, out of which almost half were window shopping. A good news probably for the many foundations and individuals raising funds for  various humanitarian causes, most part of them located in Africa.
The offer of food wasn't extraordinary: some fresh drinks and minimum dishes - as sweet potatoes; anyway, the place was extremely busy and not too many free places to stay quietly and eat. Let's say it was exclusively food for thought.
Leather and various jewelries

The colourful and tasty world of spices

The treasures from Senegal

Nice presents for the little ones

Huge kites for the Chinese New Year - and not only

A cozy corner with lots of precious stones

The simplity of nature

Difficult choice, isn't it?

The gentle African touch

Precious puppets

Elegant wools

The call of Africa

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