Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

The S-Bahn at 4am

As I'm always finding impossible travel schedules - but, on the other hand, I am the only one qualified to do so around - we started our journey out of Berlin at 4am. We carefully checked the U-Bahn schedule two days before, but still we were late and jogged for five minutes for being sure that we will be on time at the airport. For a couple of hours they showed their love by silence and I understood very well that they weren't too happy with my choices. But, as I previously outlined, I am the one and only able to put  together impossible destinations with low budgets and demanding schedules. 

Because the infinite politeness of my gang, I had enough time to observe the people around. You may wonder how many people were around at 4am in a normal working day? The answer is: many of them. Tired already, taking a power nap, drinking their coffee or reading some newspapers, the Berlin's working class early in the morning is different of the people returning home at 7pm. The U-Bahn went from the West to the East (final destination: Rudow) with more and more people coming and going. For 40 minutes, I realized that despite the appearances it is a category working hard in this city - and not only spending money as eternal tourists - with 2-3 different jobs the day. In a way, I was thinking that beyond the daily chaos, it is a chance of a normal and better life for the average humans living here - not necessarily artists and creative all over the world. 

Since I'm back, the weather was so bad that I didn't dare to go too far away of my warm crib.
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