Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Fresh from Expo Lingua

The residents of Berlin love to learn new languages
The same space, a different audience
The 25th edition of Expo Lingua ended today, but for me it was only the second experience.

The same place - the Russian House of Culture and Science - but a different audience compared with the last year. For instance, I missed Rosetta Stone that gave me a coupon for some introductory lessons in Chinese.

There were many offers for learning English, not few for encouraging people - like me - to improve and learn a better German, and many offers of linguistic travel - you not only go on a trip, but you take the advantage of immersing into the local culture - especially for Spanish and Chinese/Mandarin. 

New for me where: the offers of Japanese classes and the stand for study in Israel, where Ben Gurion University of the Negev was included. I did not observe if it was any special guest this time. 

A quiet Sunday afternoon at Expolingua
Probably because it was the last day, it was not very crowded and the scary guy that was checking  the bags the last year was replaced with someone less obviously careful to scan the shy girls and boys passionate about languages. The overall interaction was not so great, but I supposed that if you were really looking for something, it was possible to find it. As for me, I did not find too many new opportunities to improve my languages, but I prefer to calm down and work hard my poor German. 

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