Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Startups on show in Berlin

Was a long way to go from Tempelhof airport to the hangar where the fair was hosted,
I've read several times various news and features about how Berlin is the hot place for startups in Europe. I have a different opinion, but I am still open to any change of opinion, and this is one of the reasons I've visited at the end of the last week the start-ups fair that held in the old Tempelhof.

The first hand conclusion: impressed. Maybe I was disconnected from the local realities for a couple of months or maybe I am more used with the Berlin culture, but now I must say that I give more than one chance to the German startups than 6 months ago.

Doubtful taste, but still funny
Lots of interests and interesting people
First, the organization of the event was very good: a lot of info and guidance offered in English and German. The space was not very big and somehow crowded, even though it was 2pm when I visited, but there were events going on permanently: seminars, workshops, free consultation, advice, presentations, discussions with the media.

After, there were a lot of materials and media products, including a variety of publications and reviews, completely for free. Each company with a stand was able to offer not only a business card, but wanted to get involved and interact with the visitors. Practically, even if you did not want to talk with the representative of a certain company, at least for politness you might be requested to have a basic exchange. 

Another aspect that I appreciated was the diversity of participants: from banks to chambers of commerce and associations of ethnic minorities. Overall, an interesting experience for both companies, and people looking for ideas to finance and promote their small companies or startups. 

Busy days of networking
As usual, Berlin continues to surprise me from time to time. 

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