Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

The festival of lights: A bit disappointed

Back in the business of the busy city of Berlin, I decided the last week to have my usual late evening tour on Ku'damm in order to observe the latest colours of the festival of lights. My enthusiasm for those events faded slightly compared with my first edition - when I run for 10 days all over the city to picture the beautiful lights. 
As I was more than usual out of time and not too mobile, I only wanted to take a tour around my lovely Ku'damm. Besides the pleasant walk, I must confess that I was not impressed at all by the offer: compared with the last year, there were too many commercial outlines and almost any free creative lights. 
Thus, I prefered to do not continue the exploration and only take two pictures from this year's edition. I have no idea where the wind will take me the next year, but I already have some elements of comparing the various editions. Could be interesting for the sake of the writer. 

Rolex was one of the many shops featured this year. Spectacular solutions unexpected too much advertising. Should I read some message about the economic crisis here?

The entrance to the Zoo, late in the evening when the animals are enjoying their privacy.

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