Montag, 8. September 2014

Foodie Berlin: Zimt und Mehl am Treptow Park

My presence around Treptow Park can be considered a very special event, as during my very active life spent in Berlin I visited the area maximum 2 times. This time, we arrived in the area for some sightseeing, but ended up shopping a lot at the Treptow Shopping Center. But I want to believe that my strongest memories are about the pleasant Zimt und Mehl coffee and restaurant, situated near the shopping center center. It was recently re-open, proof being the delicate wall painting with oriental motives. It is situated on Beermanstrasse 2, at the corner with Elsenstrasse. 
There are places outside as well, but near the busy bus station of 104 with not such a spectacular view, so we rather preferred to chill indoors. There is free wlan offered for free to the customers, as well as a couple of local publications that can be read if you prefer a solitary meal. The ambiance is cozy and the service very friendly. 
I was not terribly hungry and set rather for a coffee and a cake - to celebrate the newest shopping additions to the closet - but after seeing the colours and feeling the smells of the meals, I immediately changed my mind. The (huge) pumpkin soup, with serious spreads of parsley and traces of soy went perfectly together with the crunchy black bread. 
The plate of veggies was part of the soup menu: various pickles - cucumber and white radishes - hot paprika and fresh leaves of rocket, plus some lemon to diminish a bit the creamy soup. The cuisine, which includes many vegetarian and vegan dishes, is of Turkish origin.  
The last but not least piece of my meal: the carrot cake, fresh although a bit too moisture, moderately sweet, mixing my favourite spices: cinnamon and nutmegs. The perfumed smells and the strong coffee brought me back on the track, ready to get back home after the hassle of shopping. 
I was not proud of me for giving up the big journalistic plans of the day to discover more about Treptow, but at least I felt less guilty after discovering this delicious corner. 

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