Montag, 15. September 2014

Life in Berlin: Alex Clare Open Air Concert on Simon-Dach Street

Part of Berlin charm is the never-ending box of surprises offered even after many years and experiences in all parts of the city. With the summer almost gone, the life of the busy streets of the East seems to give one more deep breath before the outdoor chairs will be brought back in some dusty corners till - who knows - maybe the next May or June. 
Tonight, I headed to Simon-Dach street, corner Krossener Street where in the front of Paules Metal Eck Alex Clare's fans in Berlin knew for over a day that it will be an open air free concert of their favourite musician. 15 minutes before, it was already a group of over 20 people moving back and forth, keen to be the first to catch him. A couple of minutes before the scheduled time, he arrived, modestly walking near the tables with evening customers from the bars around. He made his way playing the guitar and kept doing so for the next 20 minutes, playing mostly songs from the new album. A modest presence, easily sharing his passion for people and music, with kindness and being thankful. 
Probably this is the genuine beautiful story behind the good music and the success. 

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