Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Berlin has its own cats café: Pee Pees

It's Friday, almost 11 o'clock and I'm on Thomasstrasse 53, close to Leinestrasse U-Bahn, the first customer of Pee Pees Katzencafé in Berlin. After Japan, London and - again they are the first - Munich, Berlin has since 2013 its one and only cats café, with two furry hosts: the brothers Pelle and Caruso that were waiting the guests on the other side of the window. Invited by the fellow blogger Dorothée from The Touristin for a girls travel chat, I'm happy to be back in the city, in a completely new ambiance.  
The house rules, added to other local rules that limited the number of cats hosted only to two, are written on a plastified white-and-blue paper on the tables: the cats can be spoiled, caressed and played with, but not feed, disturbed during the sleep, photographed with a blitz or took by the tail. 

The space looks like a short winter cat story, as it seems that everything was created especially to accommodate their needs (and if they are happy we, the humans can be happy too): toys, cat-inspired paintings and decorations, comfy couches. Not bad to live a cat's life, isn't it?  
The owner, who introduces us some short details about the daily life of the cats, their habits, and the story of the place is doing almost everything, from the cats' special care to the regular cleaning of the counter, shortly after the furry ones jumped around, or prepares the home made cookies. From a minute to another, the place looks more crowded, with more customers coming up, either from the neighbourhood or cats friendly people. 
The cats are getting more wild, apparently not disturbed by the increased audience. They run one after the other, run with the light speed up on the top of the wooden house, or just rest instantly on one of the tables or better on my bag. 
As the conversation goes on and on - the summer vacation was full of travel events - I am getting more and more used with the ambiance. I suppose that the children will love it even more. For now, the cats are taking a bit of rest, the day is big and there are, for sure, many things to be done. I leave the place with a little regret that I am living quite far away from Neukolln plus, being allergic to cats, I should rather be careful. Once in a while, a coffee in the company of the two cats will be nice though. 

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