Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

Interior design inspiration in Berlin: Paris Home

When it comes to interior design and other chic suggestions, many would prefer to head direction East Berlin. Which is an obvious choice: you need only to have a look around to realize that you are in the middle of a creative hub and the way in which people dress or talk is the proof. However, in the quiet West Berlin, most specifically on Pariserstrasse 14, close to Spichernstrasse U-Bahn and around 15 minutes away from Ku'damm, there is a little boutique: Paris Home. First, I was thinking it must be an exquisite boutique selling various interior design items. But, once I went on the other side of the door - you should push a button in order to be opened and invited in - I realized that I was wrong.
Inside, there are a couple of samples of decorations, plus many leaflets and catalogues with suggestions about the right style that suits your newly purchased condo or apartment in Berlin. Once entered on the other side of the wall, in the cosy yet working ambiance of the office, I was shortly introduced to what the Paris Home is doing: delivering high-end design solutions to customers, that starts from the choice of materials and wall colours till the interior decorations and all the special details. With a list of customers busy with their daily businesses, the office works both as a interior design shop and as a consulting company. 
With experience on the British, especially London, as well as Italian and French market, the Paris Home is an interesting service offered to a relatively quiet and almost secret category of customers: the middle to upper class Berliners, disposing of a significant amount of money, investing in real estate and ready to make their homes classical temples of European good taste. 
As for me, it was just an interesting experience to discover some new category of services in the city. 


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