Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Street art in Friedrichshain: Urban Spree

I am visiting the bubbling Friedrichshain maybe twice or three times the year, unless some unexpected parties or events are calling me for some special entertainment. Every time I pass by Warschauerstrasse S-Bahn Station I noticed the interesting street art and promised myself several times to stop there and have a look. An alternative center of urban culture, with mobile street food counters and spontaneous fairs and DIY workshops, the Urban Spree is one of the many colourful spots that make this city so diverse and always on the move. Here are some snapshots of a couple of hours spent there. 

 Some branded buckets with fire to warm you up while outside.
This is by far, the most interesting work of street art I ever seen. Looks in-between a realistic painting and a photography.

A playground for the alternative children growing up in Friedrichshain.

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