Montag, 29. November 2010

For natural-dreaming actors

The great think with Berlin is that you have here a high concentration of creative people from all over the world, short, medium or long-time or for ever residents bringing their cultural habits, experiences and ideas for change. You have the offer tailored for specific needs, or you have the needs requesting the adjustment. Because of the flexible working program - at least for the case of the capital city - people have many free time and because the costs of living are not high - money to spend.
As for me, if I will have more time for the next six months I would be delighted to spend my money for a class of theatre, and to act in a performance for educated theatre amateurs as the one I attended the last week at Buhnen Rausch, near Schönhauser Alle. Maybe I will book something the next year, I always wanted to be an actress. There are classes for kids and adults, with various prices and interesting offers.
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