Freitag, 5. November 2010

A week in words or how to survive the weather in Berlin

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Another week is about to finish - in almost two hours - and nothing new to share about Berlin? There are many things to say and write about the city and, as usual, I carefully documented the outposts of interesting life. More posts and pictures to come in the next week. 

After some intensive party-time at the end of the last week, I needed more than 1 day to recover - blame it the age, or blame it Berlin and my entourage. And when rehab was over, the to-do-list was already twice overloaded with emergencies, deadlines and missed opportunities.

The week was generally quiet, with many free days, when theoretically I was able to set up my writing plans. But, it was the first week when the clock changed to the winter hour and I am hardly getting accustomed with the long nights with evenings starting around 15.30. I need some light therapy, but what you can do when the light bulbs from your home, for reason of energy savvy, are offering beams with the same intensity as the candle-lights. Very romantic, but not when your boyfriend is out of town - to the volume of daily work you add the usual house management plus a kid - for a week and you spend more than 10 hours in the front of the computer.

Anyway, I was hardly going to sleep before 3 o'clock in the morning - the most ridiculous was a couple of days ago when I was up at 5 o'clock and until the kid went out to school I already finished to read three articles on foreign affairs and a book. The wonderful bad weather - rain, wind, rain, rain, rain as now - kept me away of wanderings on the streets and for good shoots I need to have more time during the day, when I am usually working. Others complains: the traffic is messy, the gym is again overcrowded even after 21.30, when I am in a bar and want to smoke I am freezing. 

I wish all the Berliner a creative indoor party week-end and will be back with fresh new posts by Monday.
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