Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

Berlin in Books: Stefan Zweig - Confused Feelings

Stefan ZweigImage via Wikipedia//Stefan Zweig

A special section I would like to dedicate on this blog will be called "Berlin in Books". In other words, I will try to share with you the images of the city through the eyes of writers all over the world and historical periods. I will start with the mentions from Stefan Zweig's Verwirrung der Gefüle - which I read in the French version La confusion des sentiments. Written as a confession, the book is the evocation of a  professor of philology through the  eyes of a former pupil and admirer. Berlin is mentioned a couple of times - 
 maximum five, as a stop in the university career of the author of the story, but also a placen of sexual obscurity and human degradation. A kind of double of Zweig's Vienna.
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