Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

State of emergency in the city

I prepared so many posts for this blog about the city and its life and history, but inevitably sooner or later I am back again writing I was woken up - a bit late, as I was writing something - by the itchy snow against the window. Not a bad sound for my ears, anyway. A couple of minutes later, when I opened my computer, the latest news on social media where about...the ice and the snow and the dangers of going out. An hour before, it was declared state of emergency and there were many delays for the flights and the S-Bahn. 
But the weather evolved pleasantly, I might say, and late in the evening, when I went out for some shopping, it was mild, not too much snow - and ice - but lot of water. Anyway, it was not like in NYC one week ago, when everything was blocked for one day and a half - and in some parts, even more. 
I will go to my dear gym, and will continue my ground research about the efficiency of the Berlin local administration. 

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